“Life Begins at 40.” I am sure you have heard this saying however have you ever given it any considered thought? Life dose begin at 40, for those who understand and address the 'Biomarkers' of ageing.

This weekend you can make this statement true no matter what side of 40 you are. You will learn about and be supported to take daily actions that will help you attain and maintain youthfulness for life. We all age; it is a fact of life, however ageing dose not mean you have to give up youthfulness and vitality.

This weekend you will learn how, if you take care of certain “little” things the big things will take care of themselves.

You will learn how seemingly small actions can create positive changes to the 'Biomarkers' of aging. Some of the Biomarkers are; so called “middle aged spread”, loss of muscle mass, diminishing senses, beginning with eye sight, growing shorter, poor digestion, osteoporosis, insomnia, heart disease, glandular imbalances and associated symptoms such as compromised immunity, and this is not the full list.

Learn how food can be your best medicine. The chances are you are eating from a very narrow spectrum of foods. All foods belong to a specific ’Food Family’. There are over a hundred ‘Food Families’ however most people derive 80% of their diet from only four, yes four.

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Biomarkers of Ageing 2016

Biomarkers of Ageing Thursday 13th August 2016 9.30am - 12noon CWA Hall Samford Village
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