About Autumn

Autumn begins at the Autumn Equinox when day and night are equal. In the Southern hemisphere this occurs between March 21st-24th and in the Northern Hemisphere between September 21st- 24th. Throughout Autumn the days grow shorter than the nights. The elemental nature of Autumn is Earth and the symbol for Autumn is the Autumn Leaf.

Autumn is literally the Fall, the season of endings in preparation for new beginnings, for it is now that nature is preparing to stand bare by shaking off the old leaves to become a carpet of refurbishment for the earth. It is a time therefore of completion, so anything you have put aside for later either finish it now or let go of it.

Autumn is the time to discard what no longer serves you in order to make room for new growth in all aspects of your life, material things, habits, relationships. This is not a Season for hoarding.


Welcome to Autumn

Autumn Gland

The glands which now take centre stage are your Adrenal Glands, so named because they add on to your Renals or Kidneys like a cap. Each has two parts, the Medulla or core and the Cortex or outer layer.

Unlike other glands your Adrenals have no sedating aspect. Hence they only know 'go' and are therefore often called upon to support your body in times of physical and emotional stress. Because of this they are prone to exhaustion.

A very simple technique for strengthening rather than stimulating your Adrenals is to bend your body back at the waist and hold this position for 15 seconds or to do the Yoga position known as the Cobra. (For those flexible enough this can be extended to the cradle by reaching your arms back and clasping your ankles).